Red letter day! 18 May

Yesterday was a red-letter day in that we answered 3 swarm calls – in the same day.

First, I got a call from the finance dept – they had bees. Checked it out, no swarm. But may have been scout bees looking for a new hive location. That building has so many inviting holes, one will move in someday – if they don’t fix ’em first. Did get roof access to ensure there wasn’t a hidden cluster someplace. Nothing found. And by time I’d left, all the scouts had as well. I suspect they may have been from the swarm at the elementary school. It’s only a few blocks away.

Then a swarm call. Turned out to be about 20′ up in a big pine tree in a front yard. Too for me to get to, too many branches to try the rope and shake deal. Called in one of our newer folks and suggested he setup traps and try to lure the swarm into moving into his gear. We’ll see how that goes.

Another call. This one on an elementary school lot. No panic, these folks had some good info. One of our newer keepers in the area helped with that one. We boxed ’em and took ’em to my yard. He’ll be picking them up tonite and take them to his yard out West of town. But, it did come in just before the start of the radio club meeting. Handed off the keys and took care of bees. Sounds like they had a good time at pie ‘n coffee after.

And then another! Just as I was whipping up some evening grub for Toby and I, the cell goes off and sure enough, there’s another swarm. Called the fellow I’d had setup the traps and told ’em to bring his gear. But, we got there about 45 minutes after sun-down. Too dark and they’d already bivouacked for the night. So, he showed up again bright and early the next morning and got ’em hived. Interesting side note, his mother in law from Ukraine is visiting. She’s a commercial beekeeper back home. Also doesn’t speak a word of English. With his wife translating, seems they shared a good time getting ’em all hived up. One comment I heard was along the lines of she’d never seen such a beautiful swarm before.

Bit concerning – we’ve had some off putting weather for the past few weeks. Suddenly gotten nice and they’re popping all over! I expect many more calls in the near future. I’ve already have run out of gear – so they’ll all be going somewhere else. Not a bad problem to have – so long as we can catch them. But I am a tad concerned about publicity. Folks might get a tad worried about so many swarms. There are still many in town who don’t realize we even have bees around.

Many thanks to the crew at Metro Animal control! They’ve taken a few calls and have done a good job at directing folks to us. Big help and much appreciated!

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