Busy Spring!

Packages have arrived and been installed.

NCBA worked as a group, thanks to Don’s efforts, to order and bring nearly 40 packages from Cheyenne to Casper. In a little over 30 mintues, all 40 packages were distributed and on their way to their new homes. We did have a very few minor issues with queens that didn’t survive. But Prairie Wind Bee Supply more than stepped up and helped out. Nothing but good to say about ’em.

And then – rain.

It’s felt more like Seattle than Wyoming these past few weeks. In the yard, I’ve actually had to empty the rain gauge. That just doesn’t happen ’round here. Well over 6″ of rain in just over a month. Should make for an awesome honey flow!

Yesterday was the first swarm call of the season. I nice, large cluster of about 4 lbs gathered on a lilac branch, heavy enough to pull it to the ground. Was an amazing feeling to slide fingers in the grass to gather a ball of workers and feel the heat. Ladies like it warm!

So, what with packages and a couple other things – the yard is now up to 8 hives. One will be going to a new beekeeper who had issues earlier. Likely this weekend. The other, the swarm, will be going to another local keeper – if they ever call back!

Efforts for education continue – mostly online. There is one grade school visit come’n up shortly. Those are fun!

And last night, my wife and i assembled another 30 frames to fill out the last of our deeps. This should give us just enough boxes to put 2nd brood chambers on the packages. If things take off – like they appear they’re going to – I’ll have to get at last another half dozen or so deeps!

And splits. The 3 colonies that over wintered are just about due to be split. Seems there’s a new (or re-newed) method called “Taranov Swarming”. Yea, another something that’s been around for years, but thanks to the ubiquitous of the internet and social media, is making a resurgence. May have to give this a try, just to see what the fuss is about. Does look to simplify things some!

The rains have finally stopped – for at least a few days. Things are warming up. The lilacs are in full bloom all over town and the green is near Ireland intense. The season is in full swing and it’s looking to be a real corker!

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