Beekeeping association in January

Well, depths of winter – temps below freezing – snow all over. What’s a bee club to do?

We meet – we spread the word – we plan. We help folks get started. Now is the time!

We had near 35 people show up last night. Best attendance ever! We also arranged for a group order of packages. Discounts and convenience. Did some basic introductions of material and faces. Folks are excited! Last count, we had around 30 packages to order up and bring to Casper. We’re gonna be busy.

However, must remember to finish the OA vaporizors for next month! Need to have at least 2 ready (note to self).

Also, my endoscopic camera arrived. Time to get it trialed up and maybe build a Raspberry Pi/WiFi interface so I can watch a hive full time, online.

And, of course – now is the time to count frames, check wooden ware, pain (if warm enough), get things ready for when those packages arrive. Don’t forget feeders!

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