I’m a bad blogger…

Clearly. It’s October and I’ve not written anything here since May! A whole season has gone by.

Yea – the ‘new’ is wearing off. But, that’s part of the challenge. Not just with a blog, but in beekeeping. By your 3rd or 4th season – it’s not so ‘new’. Now it becomes work. Remember when everyone else talked of how much work this was and you were wondering what they were talking about? Now you know.

I hope your harvest was good! Even more so, I hope your colonies are happy and healthy. You staying up on research? Avoiding the ‘snake oil’? Good.

Now, get out there, build up the gear you’ll need in Spring, clean your suit, tools, gloves and smoker (at least!) and ensure you’re ready for Spring. Repair all the things! Check your note – remember those ‘Good Ideas’ you had? Yea, now is the time to implement them.

In a few short months, things will get busy again. Activities, travel, family and friends. Make sure you’re looking out for your colonies as well.

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